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LED Lighting Retrofits increase the brightness of your space, saves energy, and reduces maintenance costs.

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Thinking about an LED Retrofit for your facility?

Tungsten Electric Inc. is the leading contractor supplying and installing LED lighting fixtures for commercial and industrial businesses. Our lighting solutions are: 

  • High Performing

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Energy-Efficient

Most importantly, we submit all government applications for your incentives.

  • Industrial lighting retrofit

  • Commercial lighting retrofits

  • Office lighting retrofit

  • Exterior pole lighting upgrades

  • Condominium common area lighting retrofit

  • Parking Garage lighting retrofit

  • Staircase / Lockers

What is an LED Retrofit?

An “Light Emitting Diode” (LED) retrofit is essentially a conversion of an existing fixture (whether it is CFL, Fluorescent, Incandescent, etc) to a LED lighting fixture. LED’s have become dominant in the lighting industry due to their compact size, energy efficiency, minimal maintenance requirements and the quality of their color rendering (known as CRI – Color Rendering Index).​

Benefits of an LED Retrofit

In today’s energy conscious environment, LED retrofitting is an increasingly popular option for commercial and industrial businesses globally. In addition to energy savings benefits, LED lighting also significantly reduces maintenance costs and improves lighting quality. It creates an environment that is more aesthetically pleasing, and conducive to safety and productivity.


If you are looking to improve your facilities and bottom line, LED retrofitting can be your solution. Contact our LED experts for a quote on your project.


Looking for an LED Retrofit? Let us come in for a consult and a quote with no obligations.


Call us today!


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