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Lighting shapes customer perception to increase sales and create a safe environment. Tungsten Electric can modernize your existing facilities with LED lighting upgrades or even partner with you on new construction. Proper exterior lighting is a key factor in the evening and nighttime hours, especially when it becomes darker earlier. High-performance LED lighting is the perfect solution for virtually maintenance-free lighting. Brighter, better lighting increases security, safety, customer comfort, and protects your assets.


Industrial facilities include warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial bays. Proper lumen output within these facilities is crucial to maximize worker safety and productivity. Brighter lighting is proven to improve quality control, worker efficiency, and employee safety. Installing efficient high-performance lighting puts an end to hot and dark spots in the working environment. Utilizing LED lighting achieves low maintenance and energy savings without compromising the quality of light.

Warehouse Robot
Empty Classroom


All facilities have a vast array of spaces that need to be safely illuminated for both staff and visitors. Many areas like parking garages, gyms, auditoriums, and main lobbies are lit 20 to 24 hours a day making increasing energy efficiency an important goal for facilities management. LED lighting gives you energy-efficient lighting solutions that are virtually maintenance-free.

Activities are often held early in the mornings and many late nights. Bright nighttime illumination for parking lots, building exteriors is crucial for the safety of staff, and visitors.


Multifamily Residentials are in a variety of spaces and locations. The lighting within a home is arguably the most important feature of that space. This is where individuals spend time with their family members. Lighting directly impacts our productivity, health, and wellbeing. This is a crucial factor in older buildings that do not have proper access to natural light through windows or have outdated/inefficient lighting. LED lighting retrofits are the ideal solution for outdated spaces and usually always qualify for energy rebates and incentives. Adding interior controls solutions will often improve return on investment and increase energy savings.

Each type of space will determine the type of lighting upgrade that is most efficient and economical.

Country Style Living Room
Kitchen Interior


High-end Residentials are unique within the real estate industry. They entertain, comfort, set moods, and most importantly, need to stand out from their counterparts. High-end residential lighting is about creating unique environments that excite emotion.

From lobbies and swimming pools to patios and dining rooms, proper lighting can enhance our senses within the spaces we are in. Lighting brings interior designed spaces to life with the right products. Tungsten Electric provides product procurement for specification-grade lighting fixtures, lighting design, and installation.


Electrical services for commercial landlords, including lighting retrofits, electrical power upgrades and commercial unit severance.

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