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Residential Parking Lot


Downtown Toronto, Ontario



In this project, Tungsten Electric Inc. had the opportunity to undertake a lighting retrofit at a busy enclosed above-grade parking lot for a residential building located in the heart of Downtown Toronto.

One of the primary concerns observed in this project was its scale. The scope consisted of retrofitting 140 light fixtures and due to the nature of an active parking lot, having the power cut off in its entirety in such a busy area was not an option. Our electricians had to perform tightly on schedule to avoid any disturbances to the residents.

As seen in the before and after pictures, proper lighting, especially in enclosed environments where natural lighting does not reach, is essential for the safety of its users. A well-lit parking lot has proven to lower the risk of crime, attract a higher number of potential customers, increase traffic flow, and last but not least, it creates a safer environment for drivers allowing them to be better aware of their surroundings while parking and navigating the parking lot.

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